About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Air Rescue Concepts, Inc. (ARC) is to provide the highest quality helicopter based rescue and fire suppression training and consultation. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive training and consultation in all aspects of helicopter Search and Rescue/EMS operations, fire suppression, and crew management.


Our Vision

Air Rescue Concepts, Inc. (ARC) is committed to being a current and evolving leader in helicopter based rescue and fire suppression training and consultation. We will remain dedicated to offering the highest quality training and consultation in our industry with continued emphasis on industry safety, uniformity, equipment improvement and standardization.

To achieve our Vision we will actively:

  • Manage a comprehensive continuum of above industry standard training, consultation, products and services
  • Continually expand our expertise in helicopter based rescue and fire suppression training and consultation
  • Redesign products and services in anticipation of our industry needs
  • Meet or exceed our customers’ expectations through quantifiable training, consultation and service quality
  • Distinguish ourselves as a progressive and desirable training and consulting company with strong values and a bias toward progressive cutting edge action
  • Initiate collaborative relationships and strategic alliances which advance our Vision

Our Values and Philosophy

Our values tell others what is important to Air Rescue Concepts, Inc. (ARC). They help to define the ways in which our organization is unique.

  1. Communication
    We believe in direct communication between our staff and our clientele.
  2. Flexibility
    We recognize change as a growth process and are open to considering and offering new ideas and approaches to training and consultation.
  3. Integrity
    We aspire to the highest level of personal and professional ethics as demonstrated by a commitment to tell the truth, deliver what we promise, and maintain absolute confidentiality of the information entrusted to us by our clients.
  4. Teamwork
    We believe in working with our customers in a one on one personal atmosphere in support of one another’s goals.
  5. Leadership
    We take responsibility for supplying the right staff for each individual training and consultation.
  6. Commitment
    We actively participate in working towards the achievement of our  vision for the future.
  7. Service
    We see every exchange with our clients and associates as an opportunity to distinguish ourselves within our industry by providing outstanding service.

With ARC’s highly experienced staff we were able to produce the complete rescue swimmer

- Joseph Mokley, president of Ocean Rescue Systems