ARC’S experienced professionals provide Rescue Hoist Training developed specifically for each agency’s operational environment and aircraft.

Our instructors cover all requirements from hoist operating characteristics, basic maintenance, standardization, safety equipment, operations, emergency procedures, and recurrent training.

Hoist operational training includes confined area, cliff rescue, swift water, high rise, night/ NVG, open water and vessel hoist. For qualified agencies high threat environment and CSAR training is available.


This challenging course will give all crewmembers the confidence to increase their survivability when ditching in a helicopter.

Conducted in a controlled environment, this training allows crewmembers to experience the disorientating effects that a submerged helicopter can induce when ditching.

The course includes a classroom session where the instructors will review gas laws, hypothermia, emergency equipment, and self rescue procedures.

The pool training begins with student familiarization using their HABD/SEA or HEED bottles and the performance of shallow water tasks followed by realistic egress training.

ARC’s egress training meets or exceeds FAR Parts 91 and 135 requirements.


ARC’s pilots are some of the most experience aerial firefighters in the world. They have honed their skills during many years of brush fire storms in Southern California.

With competency in both fixed tank and Bambi buckets, our pilots provide the fundamentals for a successful and safe aerial firefighting program.

ARC’s staff has developed courses for deploying and recovering teams of firefighters on the roofs of high rise structure fires. This procedure gives the Incident Commander a rapid rescue and fire suppression option that could make the difference in the outcome of the fire. The methods developed by ARC are currently being used by a large city in Southern California.


ARC has taken a unique approach to Rescue Swimmer training. In addition to our customized Rescue Swimmer courses ARC has teamed up with our affiliate Ocean Rescue Systems International, combining their Public Safety Rescue Swimmer© to create the complete Rescue Swimmer. There is no other comparable program anywhere.

This challenging and comprehensive course will not only prepare the Rescue Swimmer for helicopter deployment and recovery, other situations including surf, rocky shorelines, boat and shore deployments, flood conditions and moving water.

Real world training for real world rescue taught by highly experienced, working Rescue Swimmers.


With many actual helicopter based swift water rescues performed by our instructors, ARC is a nationally recognized expert in this dynamic operation.

Requiring extreme coordination between the pilot, hoist operator, and the swimmer, ARC provides the training to successfully complete these demanding rescues.


ARC’s staff of flight paramedics, nurses, and physician medical advisors enables us to provide the highest quality realistic aeromedical training for startup units or established agencies.

On site consultation, Flight Physiology and scenario based training are available and provided by our extremely capable and experienced personnel.


ARC offers the only program specializing in the support and training of personnel in aerospace physiology ranging from Spatial Disorientation to water survival, and Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE). We provide scientifically based solutions to benefit the long-term physiological needs of aviation flight crews and related personnel.

ARC’s goal is to increase the efficiency and safety of the aircrew and others participating in air operations in order to ensure MISSION COMPLETION by providing aeromedical consultation and identifying and countering the aeromedical threats facing today’s aviators.

ARC’s Aerospace Physiology training addresses the changes in the physiological parameters associated with the aerospace environment. The expertise of ARC’s Aerospace Physiologists is employed in the training of aviators and support staff to encourage the anticipation of the physical challenges associated with aviation.


With a battle proven staff, ARC provides extensive aerial gunnery training. Familiarity includes the GAU series 7.62 miniguns, M240D, and all long guns.

Instruction using the Taylor Special Operations Platform is also available.